Agenda for July 8, 2024 Neighborhood Association General Meeting

We will meet at The Cowtown Marathon (Westcliff Shopping Center) from 7-8pm. 

A complete meeting agenda will be posted at a later time

Summary of July 8, 2024 Neighborhood Association General Meeting

We enjoyed apple pie at our inaugural "summer social" meeting. We heard about the CoFW "Code Rangers" program in which residents cooperate with code compliance. We also heard several updates from Westcliff President, Janet Williamson. The Conservation District Committee notified us about a neighborhood-wide interest survey, available HERE

Read the meeting minutes HERE

Summary of June 10, 2024 Neighborhood Association General Meeting

We were visited by the CoFW Historic Preservation Dept, who shared information with us about conservation districts. Attendees asked excellent questions about whether CoFW would help us draft design guidelines (yes) and whether existing structures in violation of any guidelines would need to be removed (no). We care what you think--an interest survey is in the works and will be shared on social media and this website when it's ready. Until then, you can always reach us via email. 

We heard an update about FWISD proposed changes to the "Paschal Pyramid." FWISD will not be merging student populations at Daggett and McLean campuses. 

Our NPO and Code Compliance Officer fielded questions from residents. You can find their information on the "Resources" page of this website, HERE.

Read the meeting minutes HERE

Summary of May 13, 2024 Neighborhood Association General Meeting

Our Fort Worth ISD District 6 VP, Anne Darr, informed us about concerns related to McLean Middle School and 6th Grade Campus. Anyone wishing to contact her about it may reach her via email at

District 6 Council Member Michael Crain visited the meeting in person to provide some updates and encourage us to vote in the upcoming primary runoff elections. 

We also met our new Neighborhood Police Officer, Andrew Johns. He told us that email or text are the best ways to reach him. His contact information is available on this website, under the "Resources" tab, HERE.

The agenda for the evening included a handout about "traffic calming devices" and how to request them for your street. If you would like to receive a copy of that brochure, please email us at: 

Read the meeting minutes HERE

Summary of April 8, 2024 Neighborhood Association General Meeting

We heard from CoFW Water Dept. regarding an upcoming infrastructure project that will affect large portions of our neighborhoods. This project is different from those currently in progress, being carried out by CoFW TPW and Atmos. (For critical contact info for all 3 entities, see Home page). 

The CoFW Water Dept. presentation slides are available HERE 

The page for this project on the CoFW website is available HERE 

Westcliff & Westcliff West are looking for Block Captain volunteers. This is a minimal commitment and a great way to get to know your neighbors. Please email us if you would like more information: 

Read the meeting minutes HERE  

Summary of March 11, 2024 Neighborhood Association General Meeting

Among other things, at this month's meeting we:

Read the meeting minutes HERE 

Summary of February 12, 2024 Neighborhood Association General Meeting

This was our first time to meet at The Cowtown Marathon, and the beginning of our new schedule of meeting once per month on the second Monday of every month. Unless otherwise noted, monthly general meetings will be held at The Cowtown Marathon at 7:00pm.  Sign up for our email list or follow us on social media for timely reminders!

We heard from our area's designated Code Compliance officer, Gina Ambriz. To report code violations, reach out to her via email or text. Her contact information is available on the Resources page of this website. 

Janet Williamson, President of Westcliff NA, told us about the TCU Off Campus Neighbors Comment Form, where you can report inappropriate activity by off-campus students directly to the Office of the Dean of Students. 

Officers fielded questions about other issues of ongoing concern, such as construction on Trail Lake Drive. 

Read the full meeting minutes HERE

Summary of November 13, 2023 Neighborhood Association General Meeting

Both neighborhood associations elected officers for 2024. For a list of current officers, see our Contact Us page.

We enrolled volunteers to be Block Captains. Spots are still available in both neighborhoods--email us if you are interested in being a block captain on your street! 

Summary of September 11, 2023 Neighborhood Association General Meeting

We saw a presentation by City of Fort Worth Development Services about the prospect of forming a Conservation District overlay or a Historic District overlay in Westcliff and/or Westcliff West. See the informative slides HERE

The City of Fort Worth's Project Manager for the Westcliff Drainage Improvements and Water/Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation gave us an update and took questions from residents impacted by construction. See more information HERE.